Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sandy Ala Mode!

did you here? I'm giving away $20 to my shop over on Sandy's blog!
GO enter! :)

in other news, how many times a week do you have ice cream? be honest here, this is an ice cream judgment free space.


  1. hi! i came over from sandy a la mode (but i've followed your blog for a little bit now)

    and i just have to tell you that growing up my family and i had ice cream every night. every.single.night.

    not a ton of ice cream, just enough all together as a family before bed. it was my favorite time of the day and perhaps, someday when i have kids, a tradition i'll continue.

    <3 erika @

  2. lately, pretty much every day!! we have a dairy queen wayy too close to us. and i've been craving sweets like crazy. and i don't have a baby growing inside me to blame it on. i don't know if you saw my comment on sandy's blog but i actually tried chocolate peanut butter ice cream (haagen dasz) for the very first time last night and it was absolutely.divine. i was definitely wrong about not liking chocolate ice cream. mmmm, i want more tonight!!