Wednesday, May 11, 2011


in a little while, nate and i will be moving to a home that has a first floor entrance instead of having to hike up 36 stairs everyday....with a baby.
in preparation for the move we began cleaning out the basement last night. box after box of memories were down there, and when my eyes fell upon this little beauty, i nearly lit UP.

i know, i know.. barbie is bad and horrible and all that stuff that I could read on NPR. But regardless, she was a HUGE part of my childhood, how could I not give her props? She contributed to the development of some of the imagination i hold today.

not sure if little miss nelson will play barbies someday (there will probably be robot barbie by then). But I do know that i will most certainly be keeping this little relic for a while :)

do you let your kids play barbies?


  1. I've always wondered if I'd let Lucia play with Barbies... I was OBSESSED and owned at least over 100 Barbie dolls when I was little. I felt like they were great for my imagination, but they were also a lot more modest back then... The Barbie of today (along with Bratz Dolls, etc.) are all hoochies! haha

  2. aww, i looooved playing with barbies too! they were my favorite. that's great that you guys are moving into a house!! :D