Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i promise that i plan on coming home soon.
we've hit just about every state there is in the United States. Well at least 5 of them.
And now we are doing our thing in Mexico for a week. Like we do, but I will be back at it for good on Feb 2.

don't worry, i miss you too.

Til then.
¡ hasta luego !

Saturday, January 8, 2011


once upon a time, there were a series of unfortunate events that took place in the nelson household that ended in one very broken mirror. done so by a slightly clumsy husband.

a mirror belonging to me, from my parents, when i was 15. cry face.

i'm not going to lie. i was little bit of a baby about it. so i took it, stammered off and put the sad skeleton of my once beloved mirror in the corner of the room never to be touched again.

until today. i saw it today while i was doing the ever-so-wonderful purge of things in the place. my sad little mirror that was now nothing more that a piece of cardboard and a frame.

then it came to me. i can't paint that thing.
so i did.
and i put it above my bed.
and i love it all the more now.

this, my friends, if why we never throw things away :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Alt Design Conference

as if my life hasn't already been a whirlwind, I am going to the Alt Design Conference in Salt Lake City on January 19th! I've never really been to any kind of design conference, so I have no idea what to expect. What I can expect is that I will be all sorts of giddy to see some of my friends who moved there a year ago.

after the conference, we're going to Mexico. yep. we went last year, fell in love with some people there and just had to go back.

All of this equals another two week vacation. too crazy!

good times ahead, indeed.

anyone else going to alt?