Tuesday, August 31, 2010

logo lift

i gave the little guy a face lift, what do you think?
its all in preparation for a presentation that i have to do on mylittlebuffalo tomorrow night.
it's called mixer match, and its like speed dating, for small craft businesses and the shops that might want to sell their goods.
nervous? not me :) well..maybe a little.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

one half crazy

sometimes i can be the crazy one in our marriage.
isn't it obvious?
good thing he loves me for me.
happy monday ya'll.

Friday, August 27, 2010

blog i heart: what the blog?

alright folks, you knew it was going to come to an end someday, and today's the day. it's the last of the series called : blogs that i heart. but believe me, this last is not least.
jenny is the creativity behind the blog: what the blog?
i first met jenny, as i was re-designing her blog, but upon further discussion i found out she has PCOS just like me. she's helped me in so many ways, but one of them is just by reading her blog. her outlook on life always makes me laugh, and her witty banter keeps me coming back for more (that's why i gave her sassy eyebrows in her cartoon form.)
in addition to all of this, you can now read about her journey towards being a mom of TRIPLETS. yes, you read that correctly. this woman is going to rock out three little babies :)

why you should read her blog:
- she's real with life, she'll tell you how she feels
- she lovingly refers to her triplets as P,B,&J. it still makes me giggle
- she's devoted to keep people talking about infertility and the struggles with it

so there you have it, the last one.
but that's not to say that i don't heart 5o other blogs, these ones just stuck out to me :)

i hope you enjoyed these blogs, let me know, what you liked about these blogs, what were some of your faves?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

blogs i heart: oh so beautiful paper

welcome to day 4 of blogs that i heart. here's the deal with this next one...
I don't actually know her. I'm just a fan. so hopefully she won't read this and think, "weird why did she draw a cartoon of me?" let's hope not :)

anywho, how can i not love this blog when it is so chock full of papery goodness and good design to boot. she does an amazing job of displaying invitations, cards, posters, and more that its hard for me to not get inspired when i visit.

why you should read this blog:
-if you are getting married she has a best of the best designer rolodex for you to choose from!
-this one is obvious, but you should definitely go if you are a paper freak like me.
-everything is so elegant on her site that it feels like your at a fancy tea party, who doesn't love that?
-she is a sweet person and even featured some of my goods once!

so there you have it, day 4!
check it OUT!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

blogs i heart: yellow songbird

day three of blogs that i love and today's blog is by kim from yellow songbird.
I'm going to be honest here. the other two picks from this week are people that i know in real life.
"really life" as i like to call it in my head.

but kim, i met here on the interwebs, and you know what? i'm glad i did..i'm pretty sure that if i would have met her in a math class in college or at a sleepover in junior high we could be the best of -real life- buds. but for now she resides in my "online friends" category.

but besides all that, her blog is fantastic. she has such a keen eye for all things pretty and magical to the eye. and she makes some pretties herself! i personally own two things from her :) but i also admire her honesty about God and life and what it means to be here on earth trying to figure it all out. this girl loves jesus and you can tell.

why you should read her blog:
- if you find yourself in a place where you really can't find that perfect gift for aunt so and so or your best friend even, kim will have an idea
- if you're feeling in a slump and need to be inspired. there you have it.
- if you want jealousy to overcome you becase of her current location, and your lame one, check it out.
- if you in general need a pick me up :)

so there you have it,
check HER out.
til tomorrow, ya'll...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

blogs i heart: the outdoor wife

the next lovely blog that i'd like to introduce you to is nish's blog: the outdoor wife
why does she have all those leaves in her hair? oh, good question..
nish has a zest for life in the great outdoors. and i like that she shares that interest with her family. someday when i have a little baby buffalo, i'd like to think that i'd be intentional with my kid, show him/her that there are other things out there than corn syrup and playschool.
and nish does just that, she freaking throws the dude into nature, well she doesn't throw him, but you know what i mean..
her blog is full of adventure, and she's a darn good writer too.

reasons that you should read nish's blog:
-her kid is CUTE, like cute cute, not just cute :)
- for some reason nish can tap right into that place in your heart that you've been avoiding
- she's witty as can be
- she has good advice on the next electronic doo dad or what not.

anyways, check her OUT you won't be disappointed.

Monday, August 23, 2010

blogs i heart: meg's musings

as i mentioned, today is the first day of five where i will let you into my world of blog reading.
the first is Meg from Meg's musings

this girl is legit, with life, with earrings, with necklaces, with music.
just in general.. she lives in michigan (where i met her) with the cutest pup that i think i've ever laid my eyes on.

why you should read her blog:
-she makes the cutest jewelry, and at super affordable prices
-she takes fantastic pictures
-she also sometimes shares a recipe or two...she's way more betty crocker than i will ever be
-the entire aesthetic to her blog makes you feel like you're in a peaceful dream world..

so! check her out! and i'll be back tomorrow with another goodie

Sunday, August 22, 2010

blogs i heart

i want to let you into my world.
well atleast m world when it comes to blogs that i read.
because let's face it.i like a lot of them.

and when time allows me to read them, i get so much enjoyment out of them.
so for the next 5 days, I'm going to introduce you to a few that i greatly enjoy.
some of them i know, they are real friend, *gasp* could it be?

some of them i've never known.
but each gets to have a little cartoon of them made up by me.
because i can.

here's a teaser as to who is going to be the first..

Friday, August 20, 2010

reality check and humble pie

i apologize for being absent on the blogosphere.
the reality is that sometimes life gets hectic feels like a blender full of good and bad, and every once in awhile you put it on high speed, and you end up getting jacked. it's been good in the way that i think I'm finally realizing that i NEED God. It's not just that he's nice to have around, or that knowing Him is a fun thing to do. No, we actually need him for survival. So yay for reality checks, and yay for Jesus.

we've been weddinging, working, decision making, lots of ing's just not resting...so there has been no bloggING.so to say sorry to all of you my loyal fans, or anyone else who still reads this. I Give you...
ultra embarrassing glamour shots from my past as a peace offering.

Glamour shots! what?
yes, i did it.
with my stepmom.
when I was 14.
at my aunt's studio.
because she made me.wow...
it's me in the pictures, and even so, all I can say is wow.

well, i hope you enjoyed these. and keep you coming back for more.
oh, because yes there are more, way more.
ones where i look even more like a hooker, as if i didn't already.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

seattle or bust

at times it feels like we do more traveling than a circus. or maybe we are a circus and i don't even know? regardless, we had an excellent time in seattle this weekend. we saw two buds get married near the dock, drank pina coladads in west seattle on the beach, saw some cute cobble stone streets, and managed to smile a few times too, as you can see in my seriously cheese-o-riffic smile above.

all in favor of summer travels, say i :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

tell me!

thinking about doing a giveaway for some mlb...
what would you want to win? cards? blog design? prints?
tell me, and maybe I just will!
hope you're making your monday magnificent!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


i was recently in my friend danielle's wedding a few weeks back.
she did a fantastic job putting the day together, everything was so superb.
she even thought of putting little goodie bags into each room at the hotel..
and she asked me to make these little stickers for the bags.

the little danielle and little jacob had a photo shoot with the rings.
aren't they cute together?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


what is it with us and photo booths?
i don't know... but i like it...
when's the last time you crammed 6 of your friends in one?
if your answer is never. do it. now.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

whirl. wind.

the last...say..14 days have been nothing short of a whirlwind for the nelson duo.
we were here, there, everywhere, and then some.
8 beds.
12 days
300 hugs

we thought about the possibility of living here:

we saw these two get married and have the wine stop to prove it

we were like old times with these loverlys. the good and the bad..

it's true that we didn't rest. but we did fill up on memories and we maxed out on laughter and fun. in a basic equation I think that equals out just about right.
here's to you, the great lake state, and your many cute people and lakes..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i'm back!

i'm back, and off the aero-plane.
i know i promised an re-cap, but I'm in the middle of a little chaos.
soon, promises :)