Thursday, August 26, 2010

blogs i heart: oh so beautiful paper

welcome to day 4 of blogs that i heart. here's the deal with this next one...
I don't actually know her. I'm just a fan. so hopefully she won't read this and think, "weird why did she draw a cartoon of me?" let's hope not :)

anywho, how can i not love this blog when it is so chock full of papery goodness and good design to boot. she does an amazing job of displaying invitations, cards, posters, and more that its hard for me to not get inspired when i visit.

why you should read this blog:
-if you are getting married she has a best of the best designer rolodex for you to choose from!
-this one is obvious, but you should definitely go if you are a paper freak like me.
-everything is so elegant on her site that it feels like your at a fancy tea party, who doesn't love that?
-she is a sweet person and even featured some of my goods once!

so there you have it, day 4!
check it OUT!


  1. Oh wow - thank you so much! I'm honored! And I love the cartoon. :)

  2. I really like oh so beautiful paper too :) it does feel like a fancy tea party :) ha!