Tuesday, August 17, 2010

seattle or bust

at times it feels like we do more traveling than a circus. or maybe we are a circus and i don't even know? regardless, we had an excellent time in seattle this weekend. we saw two buds get married near the dock, drank pina coladads in west seattle on the beach, saw some cute cobble stone streets, and managed to smile a few times too, as you can see in my seriously cheese-o-riffic smile above.

all in favor of summer travels, say i :)


  1. ayeeeeee!

    cute pics, lisanelson. xo

  2. iiiiii!

    love seattle and would go back in a heartbeat!!! but next on our list is portland!

  3. I!

    spend the weekend in petoskey with family & joel and i are headed to st.ignace in a couple of weekends for his b-day :) when we finally get to portland, i would definitely like to see seattle too!