Friday, August 20, 2010

reality check and humble pie

i apologize for being absent on the blogosphere.
the reality is that sometimes life gets hectic feels like a blender full of good and bad, and every once in awhile you put it on high speed, and you end up getting jacked. it's been good in the way that i think I'm finally realizing that i NEED God. It's not just that he's nice to have around, or that knowing Him is a fun thing to do. No, we actually need him for survival. So yay for reality checks, and yay for Jesus.

we've been weddinging, working, decision making, lots of ing's just not there has been no to say sorry to all of you my loyal fans, or anyone else who still reads this. I Give you...
ultra embarrassing glamour shots from my past as a peace offering.

Glamour shots! what?
yes, i did it.
with my stepmom.
when I was 14.
at my aunt's studio.
because she made
it's me in the pictures, and even so, all I can say is wow.

well, i hope you enjoyed these. and keep you coming back for more.
oh, because yes there are more, way more.
ones where i look even more like a hooker, as if i didn't already.


  1. hahahahahaha. this MADE MY WEEKEND.

    no, they made my life. made. my. life.

    thank you. thank you ever so much. hahahahahahahaha. :D


  2. haha oh, man. "Glamour Shots" would make an awesome link up party! I have too many.

  3. hahahaa these are AWESOME. even better than the picture of you on your hubby's phone ;)