Wednesday, August 4, 2010

whirl. wind.

the last...say..14 days have been nothing short of a whirlwind for the nelson duo.
we were here, there, everywhere, and then some.
8 beds.
12 days
300 hugs

we thought about the possibility of living here:

we saw these two get married and have the wine stop to prove it

we were like old times with these loverlys. the good and the bad..

it's true that we didn't rest. but we did fill up on memories and we maxed out on laughter and fun. in a basic equation I think that equals out just about right.
here's to you, the great lake state, and your many cute people and lakes..

1 comment:

  1. aw, the farmhouse is so stinking cute lisa!! looks like a perfect residence for the nelsons to me :) where do you get your cute headbands?? do you make them? i really liked the one you had on when i saw you & i love the one in that last photo too. you are just too cute. so glad we got to see each other - i had a blast with you!