Wednesday, August 25, 2010

blogs i heart: yellow songbird

day three of blogs that i love and today's blog is by kim from yellow songbird.
I'm going to be honest here. the other two picks from this week are people that i know in real life.
"really life" as i like to call it in my head.

but kim, i met here on the interwebs, and you know what? i'm glad i did..i'm pretty sure that if i would have met her in a math class in college or at a sleepover in junior high we could be the best of -real life- buds. but for now she resides in my "online friends" category.

but besides all that, her blog is fantastic. she has such a keen eye for all things pretty and magical to the eye. and she makes some pretties herself! i personally own two things from her :) but i also admire her honesty about God and life and what it means to be here on earth trying to figure it all out. this girl loves jesus and you can tell.

why you should read her blog:
- if you find yourself in a place where you really can't find that perfect gift for aunt so and so or your best friend even, kim will have an idea
- if you're feeling in a slump and need to be inspired. there you have it.
- if you want jealousy to overcome you becase of her current location, and your lame one, check it out.
- if you in general need a pick me up :)

so there you have it,
check HER out.
til tomorrow, ya'll...


  1. I just love this series. Your drawings {as always} are adorable!

  2. LOVE your "Blogs I Love" series going on this week. Those are some of my favorite blogs, too! And I love your drawing of them all - so cute!

  3. that side braid is pretty right on. how'd you know? haha

    my favorite part: "if you want jealousy to overcome you becase of her current location, and your lame one, check it out." hahahaha you're too much! :)

    one day. one day...i will come to portland and we will meet in real life and drink coffee and skip, you will show me around town with your handy map you made for donald miller and it will be awesome. ((or you can come to boulder and we can do the same, but i need to work on a map))

    i wonder if nish will want in on this meet up action?!

  4. aw that illustration is pretty much right on! and all of your reasons to read her blog are so true. kim in one of my favorite people that i've met in the bloggy world. she is so sweet, so joyful, so creative, so Spirit-filled.