Monday, May 9, 2011

island style

its hard to believe it, especially when i look to the wet, grey world outside my window now, but last week at this time, I was in Hawaii. what. a. blessing. it really is amazing how stepping outside of your regular day-to-day can really change your posture towards life.

we snorkeled, we dodged lightning storms, we ate well, we also ate burger king :)
more than anything else, I cherish the time we had together to just "be".

if you haven't had a break in a while, WHY NOT?
start planning now. you deserve it.
it doesn't have to be hawaii either, but just get away, life is more than work..
be with the ones you love.


  1. oh man, what fun! We are planning out honeymoon at the end of September, Portland ;) and Seattle! cannot wait!!

  2. ohhh man, this makes me miss hawaii! we went on our honeymoon and it was soo much fun!!

  3. i'm going to hawaii in june! for the first time ever! (also commenting for the first time... so hi) :D