Friday, May 13, 2011

baby making, then waiting..

I think there must be something very brilliant about how God designed us women to bring new life into this world. the waiting period is so long. for me, i feel like i've been pregnant a life time, which is just a joke to some of my fellow preggos who are hitting their 35th week.

i can't imagine how incredibly bad i'm going to want to take a look at this baby's face when I am nearing the end. i tried to do an illustration of what i would like my posture during this time to look like, unfortunately.. it looks nothing like this :)


  1. sooo sweet. lisa, you are darling. i love the heart on your tummy :]

  2. Love this illustration. So excited for you Lisa! You have a warm place in my heart. Can't wait to hear your adventure in motherhood.

  3. interesting that I get made fun of for YEARS for drawing a heart on a pregnant tummy, and you get mad props for it!