Tuesday, June 7, 2011

moving, designing, decorating, gestating, working..

we didn't pick this couch

what my eyes see many times a day

too much stuff

wow. is this really my first post in june?

my bad. it's been a whirlwind. i spent ALL of last week doing all of these things and so much more:
-trying to find the perfect couch, and acting not-so-perfect about it :)
-moving all of our things from A to B, probably lifting more than I should. for shame..
-designing in the "down times" as if those existed
-oh yeah, and working 40 hours.

but somehow, we've made it.
so grateful for all the hands that helped us get there, and the sanity talks with my husband.

more posting this week, i pinky swear!


  1. glad to know you're still alive & kickin!! ;)

  2. moving is a pain but it's a great feeling when everything is done!

  3. i love that couch!! i'm guessing the price wasn't right? i would really love to get a new couch. let me know what you end up choosing.

    congrats on your move! how exciting. hopefully you'll get settled in soon.

    also, i am really loving that design of yours. so, so pretty!!