Monday, March 1, 2010

our humble abode

welcome to the nelson home tour :)
a friend (meg) recently asked for some shots of the apartment...
i do what i'm told :) we live on the second story of a very old house right outside of downtown portland.
it's old, its quirky, and it fits us well.
here are some shots i took yesterday..
we like to call it "hotel nelson" which means anyone who wants to come and stay, should..

i couldn't bear to show you the office, too messy, so this is the desk of my office
and my VERY red kitchen

first thing you see as you walk in the apt.

where we saw our logs
the room that we do the most living in
boob tube
where we eat (healthier now) food

so that's it! hope you have enjoyed the tour.
i also have a picture of the patio that goes off our living room, just forgot to upload, maybe later :) happy monday peeps


  1. looks so cozy!!
    I adore the photo heart!

  2. what great colours throughout....I agree the photo heart is very sweet and clever.

  3. this is my favorite post yet! i love glimpses into people's homes. your home looks so very you, cute and cozy. i love the red kitchen and lava the diamond windows. cuuute.

  4. very cute! love it. i really love the hearts photos above your bed. too sweet!

  5. thanks for taking my orders lisa ;)

    your home is so charming!! your kitchen is super retro - love the red tile :) and the heart-shaped collage of photos over your bed -- what a cute idea!! i've been trying to think of something to put above our bed. perhaps i will steal your idea...