Tuesday, March 9, 2010

courageous performers

the other day, nate and i stepped into a new culture.. one where the people there wear black socks with their black shoes, and not just because its a special event.
one in which the people are tuned in with what the compositions of bach and chopin are.

these were people that loved music. music at its basic state.
and these people are nervous to play in front of one another. on Saturday, Nate was asked to play with a quartet in this group called "courageous perfomreres".
the group was formed solely for the purpose of playing in front of one another for the sake of playing in front of one another.
and this group of over 40 really loved music. loved the way it filled their ears.... as they listened to each other they bowed their hands and clasped their fists as if grasping to the music itself.

it really was a beautiful thing. getting over your fear of acceptance of rejection, for the sake of something you love, your passion.

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  1. So true. Fear of rejection can be such a hinderance...we all just need to get over it! This sounds like a really neat group!