Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i've come to that point that all of us go through, on a regular basis.
i'm over my hair.
its long in some parts, short in others, slightly mullet-ish.

so i looked through old pictures and tried to figure out what did.
(come on, we've all done it)

and all i can say is i have had it cut every which way, and then some...
let's review:

the short and flippy, aka what was i thinking?

the long and curly: aka get out of my face and stop strangling me..

the long and straight: aka, really, i have to get up a half hour earlier?

the short and sleek: aka helmet head

i guess there is not perfect hairstyle, just gotta love what you've been given..
but soon, i will cut it again :)


  1. Lol! I have the same struggles with mine. I actually just chopped it all off and went with a pixie. Much simpler! I personally love the long and curly look on you, lovely!

  2. I liked your long and curly.
    But I know how you feel.
    I'm at that point too.
    Best of luck battling the hair blahs!


  3. just found ya through twitter .. . but i'm loving the cut on your profile pict. very cute/curly .. . funky ;;)

  4. i love what it looks like in your profile pic, too!! :) THAT's perfect hair!