Friday, March 5, 2010


ever since i was diagnosed with this, I have been trying to eat really well.

i mean REALLY well. for three weeks now. I have been exchanging all drinks for water, no sweets, plenty of veggies, low carbs....
and i'm bored. can you imagine a life without real, wholefat ice cream? I'll just tell you, its a dark place :)
so i am asking you. are you a healthy foodie or do you just eat what you like?
and can you help me?
what are eating, what are you making for your meals? is it fresh foods, or packaged?

do you have any ideas for me?
i would lava it.


  1. hi lisa! jeff and i are eating much healthier too. these are our favorites:
    -spinage and mushroom pasta (very little cheese, 100% whole wheat pasta, fresh mushrooms, frozen spinage)
    -black bean tacos (basically noraml tacos minus the meat, dried or canned black beans)
    -homemade pizza (100% whole wheat crust, mushrooms, turkey bacon, moderate amount of cheese)

    i hope these help! you should follow our blog...sorry to say we aren't as cool as you though. it is pretty much all about cooper.

  2. by the way, do you do children's birthday invites?

  3. I can totally relate because Garth and I are eating a lot healthier this year and what helped us was and Both sites offer healthy version of comfort foods and it helps beat the boredom. Hope that helps friend!

  4. Oh and has an excellent "healthy" section with lots of yummy, easy recipes too!

  5. <3!

    okay. there's a book that i REALLY want to order called "the kind diet."

    it's by alicia silverstone, that actress.

    but seriously i saw her on an interview and i'm majorly intrigued. she had a lot of health/weight issues (minor, but still...) that were all resolved by this diet which i believe is macrobiotic, vegan, and whole-grain.

    if/when i buy it soon, you're more than welcome to ch-ch-check it out. :)

    happy weekending! hi to nate.

  6. There's a great cookbook that I love which is mostly vegetarian and vegan recipes called Super Natural Cooking.

    And I don't know what all your dietary restrictions are but sorbet has been my saving grace when I crave sweets but can't do regular sugar. I make my own out of fresh fruits and then freeze them. Delish!

  7. i can relate... i just found out that i am allergic to dairy, eggs, and yeast. i am already gluten free, but with the yeast thing i have to cut out things like vinegar, sugar, coffee, wine, nuts, fruit... the list goes on and on! so basically i can eat brown rice, vegetables and meat. that's it. i am sooooo going crazy right now.

  8. oh, and i forgot to mention that they make an absolutely fabulous coconut ice cream. it is made with agave, so if you can't eat a lot of sugar, it is great. i actually like it even better than regular ice cream. some different brands are coconut bliss and turtle mountain. you can find them at any health food stores.