Thursday, February 11, 2010

v-day kid style

last night was a fun one.
first it started off with a puppet show to celebrate 5 years of life with a close little buddy.
the show was complete with dragons, knights, and a fog machine. so you know, pretty much the
then it got even sweeter, making valentines cards with this lady at Powell's
and i'm not talking the kind that i make and sell, i'm talking about the construction paper heart and soul valentine making...the glitter pen, glue stick, googly eye kind of valentines.

it was fun to do that in such a public setting, all the while talking about life and our 20's and how that means we have no idea what the heck we are doing. the hurts, the joys, all of it.
i guess we're in that stage. but maybe that stage lingers as you get into 30's, 40's, and beyond.
i don't really know. but its okay. we're okay.
these paper hearts aren't anything in comparison to the hearts of those around me, and the one above.

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