Wednesday, February 24, 2010


a week or so ago, i picked my mail up from the mailbox, like i always do, and in it i saw the bright red netflix envelope that always brings my heart joy when i see it.

upon opening it up, hoping for maybe a great chick flick or an inspiring documentary, instead i saw, "swing dancing with teresa mason."
i asked nate and he said that he saw it and thought that we could try to learn sometime.

well, we tried... last night.
it was maybe the funniest early 90's video i have ever seen.
i don't know if it was the way the man with the polo shirt and khacki pants would sway his hips, or the woman in the unitard.....but it was hilarious.
not to mention that nate and i had no idea how to do it really after our first few attempts. as you can see in the picture, nate is thoroughly confused.

have you ever tried to learn something off of a video?

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