Friday, February 5, 2010

new year, new logo!

well it's been 2010 for awhile now, i realize that.
but i was in mexico for the first bit of it. so just now i am really thinking of ways to get my little buffalo a new look for the new year.

i first came up with the name "my little buffalo" a little over a year ago. here's the big reveal: its actually a pet name for my husband. to understand you need to know two things:

1.) i tend to just call things random names all the time, its just what i do.
2.) when you first get married, there are some things that boys just won't ever understand about girls.

so when my husband wouldn't understand why i needed to change my shirt 3 times, or why i needed an EXTRA bowl of ice cream i would reply, "you wouldn't understand, you are just a buffalo."

weird right? that's me.
and so i named my paper company after my husband, who supports me through thick and thin.
my. little. buffalo.

anyways, what do you think, like that new logo?
more to come


  1. yes!! josh is always confused as to why i have to try on so many different outfits in the morning before i find something that works. he just doesn't get it. and thank you for explaining the name, i was actually just thinking about it the other day and wondering how you came up with that name.

  2. I have to struggle on so many different attires in the morning before I come across something that functions. I am inclined to just call things casual names all the time, its just what I do.

  3. This is one of my favourite things about you and Nate. You just flow. Buffalo or mosquito you just flow.


  4. i did always wonder how the name originated. hehe, that is too cute. i love the new logo! i need to have you do some logo work for me!!

  5. That's a cute story! love the logo :)