Saturday, February 6, 2010


she's one of those friends that you have from middle school, that just sticks. she and her fiance are so cute, and i'm really excited for her. i think i squealed when she told me.

and bonus, i am doing the invitations and save the dates for the big day as well.
she's getting married in chicago and I am stoked to head back to the midwest for it.

I have been playing around with a few ides. above is a little sneaky peak of what may come!

and for your enjoyment here is a really bad picture of me with danielle from college


  1. totally cute illustration! how fun would it be to receive that card in the mail!

  2. oh college days. it's so great to have a really good old friend. congratulations to danielle!

  3. Once again, absolutely adorable. If only you were doing this in 2007... =) Love ya!

  4. hahaha, that is an AWE-some picture. thanks for the amusement ;) is that your amazing sparkly guitar??

    also, that illustration is so super cute, as usual :)