Monday, February 8, 2010


i've thought about this subject more than i'd like to make known.
i fear, i ache, and i wonder.. what will be when i'm gone?
i know that because of God i have much to hope for.
but what about the things left undone?
well i'm not going to lie, it scares me.
but i read this today.
and i trust in Him, and i feel better.
just thoughts, that's all.
we're all on this beautiful journey together, aren't we?
happy monday :)


  1. i try not to think about it often because it definitely scares the s*** out of me. because, like you said, there are so many things yet to be done. that is a really encouraging and beautiful blog -- the author is so articulate. i just subscribed :) thanks for sharing!

  2. you make me want to cry...why? because you know about death...and yet your heart always looks for peace...and then when your looking you find Him.

    love to you.