Friday, March 30, 2012

little mover

when we had returned from our trip from Michigan, we had then become proud parents of a crawler. Well, creeper, really. but she's not a creep.

this is something totally new, obviously. And I'm sure that it gives way to hours of more entertainment for her. I'm just not sure what. I think she might be a bit bored with the regular activities. "crawl here, Haddie" "crawl to that, Haddie".

Any fun activity ideas for a 6 month old? I'd love to hear them


  1. Balls! Piper and I love to play catch. She loves to "throw" them to me and try to catch them. We also love the Little People... She likes putting them in her toy box and taking them back out. Just some ideas :).

  2. she's so BIG! i can't believe she's creeping. or even that cute. because OH BOY is she adorable.