Thursday, March 22, 2012


so here is the things about going out when you have a child.. you don't.
not that you can't get a sitter every once and a while, but let's face it, there is money involved there.

So Nate and i choose to be a bit creative when it comes to keeping things alive.
We have instated "living room dates." On any random day of the week one of us will announce "tonight is a living room date." Then throughout the day we will spend some time thinking about how we can make the night just a little more special than being on our computers and looking at Amy Poehler's face one more time.

This last night Nate decided it was a camp out night.
So we laid out the blankets down, looked at a night star app on the iphone (nerd alert!) and ate some strawberries and finished with a movie.

perfect end to a perfect day.

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