Sunday, April 3, 2011

new little buffalo

its no secret that what i would LOVE to do after the baby is born, is continue my work with my little buffalo, as in I would work from home on freelance design gigs. So I am trying my best now to get my marketing on like donkey kong (did I really just say that?)

anyways, with that in mind, I have been trying to get a new look out there, what do you think of the little button that I recently created? I'm not sold, but at the same time I kinda fall in love with that little awkward looking buffalo.

would love your two cents, and I would also love for you to spread that word.
I have good rates.
I play nice with others.
and some might say I make cute stuff.

so.. help a sister out? I would love it.
have an excellent week loves.


  1. I love the style of your work! This button is awesome. My only suggestion would be MAYBE to make the colors more bright and contrasting like most of your work is so it stands out on different websites. I love these colors as well though!
    Good luck!

  2. Love it!!! I just love how your work stands out so much. :) I'd be proud to have that cutey button on my blog to show you off!!