Friday, April 8, 2011

check it: It's Friday!

and I can't help but feel like its going to be a good one! look at how the morning started with the sun pouring over the tulips that nate brought home. too good!

and here are the answers to the last post, since I know you are dying for them, and since there were soooo many questions (i'm super popular), all two of them, I will get started :)

1- Q:do you use a tablet to draw on, or do you scan your images?
Do you use adobe or illustrator?

A: I use Adobe Illustrator for all of my designs, actually a lot of the time I am drawing on my little touch pad on my macbook, which makes my husband scratch his head, a lot.

2- Q:How did you choose a printing company? What are the typical costs for a designer to have a custom design printed?

A: I actually print all of my goods in house. I bought an epson 2880 which so far I love! It prints high quality images for a very reasonable price. Although from time to time I do use outsourced printers for jobs. I have use Overnight Prints before for business cards, and they seem to do a good job, and at a little over $15 for 100 it is quite worth it to me. I would say that there really is no general rule for custom print jobs, a lot goes into figuring out the price. You need to factor in ink, paper, envelopes, finishing..

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  1. That photo with the tulips is GORGEOUS!!! I wish we had sun like that right now. It's dark and gloomy!