Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the ice vice

i wanted to show you all the mugshot of my greatest enemy/sweetest lover. i no longer call it by its given name. It is now known to me only as the "ice vice". pregnant or not, nobody should think about this tasty and treacherous treat as often as i do.

but sadly, i know this love affair will never end. i will be old and gray someday wishing that i could steal a delectable cone from one of my unsuspecting grandchildren.

please tell me i'm not alone..what do you crave?


  1. haha. love it!

    my grandpa actually wakes up in the middle of the night to have an ice cream snack when my grandma doesn't know it. now THAT is some dedication :)

  2. um, ice-cream all the way. i seriously have it every single night. joe won't let me buy the nice stuff anymore because it's getting too expensive, and i clearly don't even care what it really tastes like because i inhale it so fast. this week's ritual has been vanilla with fresh fruit on top. last week's was vanilla with chocolate chips and crushed andes mints on top...

  3. Y E S!!! I have been craving some ice cream and thin mints!! Yummmmm!!! :)

  4. you are so not alone! I've craved icecream or froyo like crazy with both pregnancies. That and smoothies and fresh fruit. YUM!