Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ask Away

I've been getting a few emails here and there from people wondering how I do the different designs and illustrations that i do, which got me thinking.. i don't think i've ever really discussed how i go about making the things i make, and printing the things i print.

so here's your chance, if you're curious about how i do things, or why i do things, or with what i do things.. please leave a comment with your question and I will happily do another post with all of my brilliant and not so brilliant answers.

even if you just wanted to know what i ate for breakfast this morning, that's fine too, because we all know that says a lot about a person.

so there you have it, hit me with your best shot. fire away. but don't make me cry :)


  1. do you use a tablet to draw on, or do you scan your images?
    Do you use adobe or illustrator?

  2. How did you choose a printing company? What are the typical costs for a designer to have a custom design printed?