Thursday, February 17, 2011

fresh and new

chair: anthropologie
sofa: ikea
pillow: anthropologie

Whatever anyone tells you, the nesting phase is a real thing. Ever since I knew that I had something the size of a bean that will one day be a human life, growing inside of me...I've wanted to fluff, plan, and create a place where I would want our child to grow.

i realize that anywhere we are, the most important thing is love. but i still daydream about having a cute little place, with cute little things like these.

do you think like me?


  1. I can totally relate! We've been doing lots to our house since we found out baby is coming :) I think part of it is just due to the fact that we won't have time/energy once baby arrives, so now is the time to do it!

  2. I am doing the exact same thing, and it's my 2nd pregnancy! It was much worse the first time around though :)

  3. Nesting can be so fun! Decorating, cleaning and getting ready for your little one! I agree with the previous comment, its good you have this energy now, but it will me miniscule after the baby arrives!

  4. I think I would think like you, if I were preggers.

    I think I would also choose a non-white couch.