Saturday, February 5, 2011

Consider it ALL Joy

I have a new print in the shop!
i was inspired to make this print after i returned from mexico, where i learned a little bit more about finding joy in even the stickiest of situations. A little love from James...

hope you like it to... when's the last time you felt really joyful?


  1. wow. i love this! this verse is a sweet reminder that life really is good.


  2. Aw thanks! its all about perspective :)

  3. happiness is determined by circumstances, joy comes from a much more powerful source. your print is a great reminder!

  4. This is beautiful, Lisa! The most intense moment of joy I've felt recently was in Nepal - after a few days of a bad cold and lousy weather the sky cleared up in the night to reveal bright stars and a full moon lighting the side of a HUGE mountain in the Himalayas. Pure joy.

  5. Oh, I love it! It's great to be given those little reminders to remain postive and put things into retrospect!