Monday, November 15, 2010

we all want to change the world

well, it was another great weekend. full of surprise parties, caroline in the city (we're currently obsessed, only 10 years late), hanging out with some peeps who don't have homes currently, and then a very inspiring forum for women at our church as well as, not to mention, the sermon from yesterday.

which brings me to my next point. our church does this thing every Sunday in which everyone puts a dollar into a bucket, and then we take that money each week and bless someone with it. this past week a girl named sarah talked about how God led her to bless a family with this money. she met the family on the train. on a train!
(you can read more about the family here)

she took her blinders off, opened up to people, and blessed them.
i'm inspired. hope you are too after reading her story.
because you should.
because its great.
happy monday!

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