Friday, November 12, 2010

Two Things..

(warning: horrible non-artsy pics in this post) hah..
1. i came home yesterday with a package on the counter just waiting to be opened.
and inside was this little buddy.
thus proving that I am have some of the most awesome aunts in the world. don't know what it is? it's a little buffalo! i see many many photo shoots with this guy in the future.

in other news i got my hairs chopped off. i have been busy this week, like always, so i wasn't able to get a pic, but my co-worker did while i was harboring negative energy. :) not the best pic but you get the idea.

i actually really like it. and so does the hubs. so i guess we're golden.
well that's it with me, what about you? any big weekend plans in the mix? if not, or if so, regardless.. i hope that you feel love and experience joy.


  1. if i were you, i'd spraypaint that buffalo robin's egg blue. i may or may not be addicted to using spraypaint. oops. love the hair!

  2. eeep!! How cute!!!! It's a little buffalo!! :)
    and I LOVE your new 'do!!!! Very sassy and cute!! :)
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. haha that is so awesome that your aunts sent that! how perfect! and yay for chopping your hair! from what i can tell it looks super cute!