Thursday, November 18, 2010


so here is the very real. very scary question we have ahead of us.
should we stay or should we go? the question has been laid out in front of us, like a Sunday newspaper just waiting to be read. not easily avoided.

there's a house, in Michigan, with an opportunity to occupy it. to fill it with the smell of pot roast, laughter, and cold winter snuggles. 40 acres of land to cultivate with the culture of our future family.

but there's also a city here, that bedazzles every idea of a creative environment, rich in art, culture, and well.. community. a city that has taught us what it is to love Christ, cherish a marriage, grow, be, think, draw, communicate.

we wouldn't leave any time soon, but we do need to ask ourselves...

how do you know when your time stamp in a certain place has expired, or not?
life's full of choices, ones that i'm sure many of you have made before. so i guess i ask you know.
what's your weigh in?


  1. Just for the record, I REALLY do want what's best for you guys in all this. I just joke around @ work...u know that right? Obviously it would be very hard to see u guys go, but I'm trying to put my own selfishness aside here.
    Rest in the fact that God isn't messing with you & you're not going to screw this one up. Trust him, listen to him and listen to those around you who you love and trust.
    Pastor Ramey

  2. Oh boy. Portland without the Nelson's feels a little less awesome. We'd be so sad to see you go but so happy to see you take over the family farm.

  3. Oh boy, oh boy. My hubby and I have lived in 3 different states in our short 2 years of marriage and are constantly thinking "where to next?" I hate the feeling of uncertainty in where our roof over our head will be sometimes but, moving to new places has been a great learning experience and tons of FUN! Good luck in the decision and Paul is right - God isn't messing with you!