Monday, November 8, 2010

12 years is a long time

12 years ago today i lost my brother craig.
he was my only buddy through a lot of crazy stuff, so i guess you could say that I am missing my buddy today. a whole lot.
like always.

cancer got the best of him, but then again so did Jesus. so i don't mourn, i just miss, and pray and think.

if you didn't know him, you certainly missed out on a truly great human being.


  1. oh lisa, i never knew that you lost a brother :( thinking of you today.. i can't even imagine.

  2. hi friend ~ thanks for sharing a bit of your life/thoughts with us. i'm giving you a little hug right now, do you feel it? <3

  3. Hello darling,
    I didn't know that you had a brother, but he must have been amazing, he had you as a sister.
    You are such a beautiful and kind person, and I just love reading your lovely blog and talking to you on twitter.
    Thinking of you on this special day. I know that he is looking down on you from the Heavens and smiling at the amazing person you are today.
    love always,

  4. I love you LisaFace. -Amy J.

  5. you guys look like you were good buddies. Sorry he had to leave so early

  6. Hi.
    Found you from Yellow Songbird. Your blog + your design style is so pretty. I lost my brother, who was 34 years old, 3 months ago. We were buddies too and I miss him so much. But you said it so well...'cancer got the best of him, but then again so did Jesus'! That is exactly how I feel too. I know someday the 'months' will change into 'years' and I know I will still miss him the same. Thank you for sharing. Just wanted you to know I appreciated it.

    ♥ april

  7. this is a beautifully transparent post. thank you for sharing your heart this day and for being a believer who loves the Lord although you've had to withstand some difficult testings of your faith. i admire you.