Thursday, June 24, 2010

to bike or not to bike

ok, i will straight up admit it. I am a fair-weather, poser bicyclist.
I only ride my bike to work when the sun is shining, and when i do ride it, I only pretend to know the fancy hand signals and bike etiquette.

and today, as I was riding with a skirt on, because i forgot, and not because i am an exhibitionist.
I got scolded by another biker for not being cautious.
I mean yeah... when I'm riding I'm cautious and aware.
but when I'm just rolling out of my driveway, I revert to the days of old when I could just roll out of my driveway without much care in the world.

anyways, all that to say, it ain't easy being a biker in a biker world like Portland.
so much stigma to live up to... :)


  1. That is adorable. My boyfriend and I just got bikes this summer.. we don't really live in a "biking town" though.

  2. Reason #1 that I have yet to buy a bike: I live in Portland. Yikes! Feel your pain, girl.

  3. hahah that's hilarious. we don't have much of a bike culture here, although it is growing. can't believe you were scolded!

    p.s. i've featured your wall art on my newest blog post :)

  4. I was also only a fair-weather bicyclist. I didn't understand how some could bike to work in the nasty rain and cold. They are so hard core!
    I think Eugene has more bikes than cars, and the bicyclists are often a bit dangerous, especially in the University area. It seems they think they are invincible, at least your run in was with someone more careful!

  5. I love that picture!!! AND I love my bike!! I wish I had cruiser bike thought that I could ride to work but considering it's already 100 degrees in Texas I would imagine my job would have to have a built in shower :)

    Love this!!! Happy Thursday!

  6. cute picture and i can't give you any advice on this subject because i too would be a poser bicycler if i had a bike. actually if i had a bike i would be worse-it would collect would be a sad, sad, state of affairs. that is probably why I don't have a bike.

  7. I love bike riding too, but riding in the rain is the pits.
    so I suppose I'm a fair weather biker too!
    But then we probably have more fair weather here!