Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my absense

man alive!
it feels like i haven't posted in years.
the reality, like 5 days.. but still..
the long and short of it is that I've been busy. Not just like, "oh man I gotta do this or that before this time," but like "holy cow how on earth am I going to survive this!?"

but i did, and I'm here now to tell about it :)
first things first. our church swapped buildings with another church.
and since i work at the church it took up a greater part of last week. its quite remarkable how much energy it requires. we moved a lot. and it rained a lot, but we still smiled a lot.
so i have a new office, new commute, new place to worship.

we also happened to plan a retreat that very same weekend, so.. we did that too.
it was an amazing time for artists to get together from our church and create looking out over the columbia river gorge, look at this awesome picture that a friend, Sarah, took

it was so good to get together and do that.
even if it left me a zombie directly afterwards

so with all of that, i have been trying to do some little buffalo in the mix, make dinners, do my normal job and also pet my cat. the good part is that i have today off.
so relaxation


  1. welcome back! yay for moving and having that over with!

  2. welcome back lisa, i've missed you :) moving really does takes a lot out of you! that retreat sounds awesome.. i think our church needs to do something like that!

  3. moving can be so fun, especially when you get a new workspace out of it. i hope your commute is nice on the eyes, too :]