Tuesday, June 22, 2010


sometimes i think it would be sweet to live in the olden days.
i mean sure, boys were kinda boogers to girls a little bit more.
and girls also had to wear girdles, which i don't think I'd fancy one bit.

but they also rode horses, and went to saloons and trading posts.
i think thats why i am so caught up in bartering lately.
i keep constantly finding cool shops and saying, "hey, wanna trade?"

not a half bad idea, when you're broke, but want cute threads, am i right?
I've done it twice with oh sweet joy... but the fun only continues :)


  1. i wish i had something to barter with you! fun!

  2. i am fully aware that i sound like a hippie when i say this..but i think we are kindred spirits. if only we were in the same state!

    our trades are my favorite. :)

  3. hmm i'm thinking that i need to start doing trades - how fun!!

  4. yes, trading is ohhhh so much fun!