Monday, August 13, 2012

She loves her some kitties

There are a lot of reasons one might be certain that Hadley is in fact my offspring.  We share noses, smiles, grimaces, the same laugh, to name a few things.

But the minute she fell in love with kitties, I knew it was true.
You see, I love cats. I think the little fluff balls were put here on the earth to make me melt.
Haddie thinks the same.
She loves her kitten book.
Our former pet Abe was her best friend in Oregon.
She can make a meow noise.
And most of all, she hates dogs.

So when I was planning out what kind of 1st birthday party we would be having, it was a no brainer.
A kitten one.
Kitty hats, kitty balloons, kitty cakes.
Its going to be one kitterific time.

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