Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've been fairly cryptic about why we moved to Michigan and all that jazz.  Not on purpose, its just that things were so busy and we're just now finally starting to breathe.
We moved back to Michigan:
a.) to be closer to family, with a wee one in the family now its all the more important.
b.) to be near friends.  we're still good buds with my college friends and we missed them.
c.) to take a leap on a new career path for nate.
you see, Nate is now an employee of Edward Jones.  He's studying to become a financial advisor for the company.  I think that he will do really well at the job, but its a far cry from the landscaping days of his past.

and when you live in western michigan, and you are in finances, you need to shave your beard.
this part I am sad about. I always hate it when he shaves his beard, but this time, its final.
hope i get used to the baby smooth face because i have no choice but to.

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