Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A little help with chores

meh. cleaning. who really likes it anyway? not me.  I struggle with getting the energy to move a mop.  to help encourage me to stay one track with cleaning before the house ends up looking like the ends times, I made this little print for my fridge.  Its just a little prompt telling me what I need to focus on that day.  And hopefully by the end of the week I will have a semi-clean house.

does anyone else loathe cleaning?

I thought you might enjoy this to, so CLICK HERE for a free download. 
happy cleaning!


  1. super cute...thanks! So admire your work!

  2. I too loathe cleaning and usually end up doing it all at once which is exhausting. This week I've actually been doing a little bit each weeknight in hopes of avoiding it taking up most of my Friday. This is cute, I'm definitely going to put it on my fridge to encourage me. I always feel SO much better when my house is clean!