Thursday, March 10, 2011

sounding board

photo: Lucas Benjamin Sharp

if i may, just for a second, sound off about something that my mind has been chewing on for a few days now... you see, we are capable of so much more. not to say that we have more work set out for us, or that we have obligations that we need to live up to. its not that.

but we have such potential for great things, and we are hardly aware of it.
i think i came upon this thought today the hardest. i thought to myself, "hey i better jump on the internet so that i can make more people aware of what fun things i'm making". "I better tweet the heck out of my new stationery, blog about my newest cards, and really show my stuff"

i had an epiphany though.. what if instead of trying to force people to like my stuff, instead i just honed in my skills to develop things that do the talking themselves? what if i inched my potential just a little bit further so that i felt really blessed and good about what i created?

i think we all have gifts, & maybe yours is marketing and if so that is great. but i think that all of us have creativity and the ability to step out of the box. and this is true not just in the handmade goods we are making, but also in our relationships. how we interact with out neighbors, what we say to our spouses, the way we spend our evenings with our kids.

all that to say, i think i will start with myself, and make today a creative one.
what do you think?


  1. This is inspiring, Lisa. Thanks for sharing. Here's to pushing our potential a little further today.

  2. amen girl!!!!!!! love this :)

  3. I had this epiphany the other day too, I had been working so hard on getting blogs out every day, but I hadn't been working on making sure the ones I put out were great. Quality over Quantity is so true.