Sunday, March 6, 2011

bah bah bah baaaby bump

this will probably be the first out of a total of two times that i will post a bump picture on here. so, there you have it... its not that I don't want you all to be privy to the expanding waistline that i am embarking upon. its more because i remember what it was like to look at pictures like these when i was struggling to get pregnant, and although i was always happy for the person, it still didn't help my little heart. fair enough?

and on that note, if ANYONE is struggling with infertility, and you want to talk, let me know..
it can be a scary and confusing place to be. but the load is lighter if you can talk about. Lord knows that if I didn't have this girl, I would probably have at least 53 grey hairs by now.

the Lord is good. and His promise that He loves us is a bigger gift than any bundle of joy could ever be. yet he blessed us with this little hiccuping bean inside my body, and i couldn't be more full gratitude. so there we have it, 15 weeks. eating like crazy :)


  1. LOVE your bump! I just posted my 13 week bump today:) So great that you are open to helping others...nothing beats having someone that understands where you've been. Kudos to you mama! Hope you are feeling well and enjoying this time!

  2. lovin' the bump! very cute! :)

  3. eeeeep!! you are seriously the cutest pregnant ladie i ever did see. sad i won't get to see lots more of these, but i really respect your decision, so gracious.

    God is so, so, so, so, SO good!!!

  4. you are so sweet. i know exactly what you mean about seeing other pregnant ladies. it took us 3 years, IVF, and many, many other treatments to get our first and during those 3 years, trips to target were agonizing. EVERYONE was always pregnant there! i hated that i was bitter toward people i didn't even know! for all i knew, they could have gone through the same thing i was. while i understand your decision out of respect for others, don't let it hold you back too much. it's your time to shine!

  5. Aawww, your bump is so cute!!

  6. I just gasped at how incredibly lovely you are! congrats again + again.