Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bearded man

As I was creating this illustration for a portland card to sell in shops around town i was reminded of my husband's beard, and how he has it not for fashion's sake, or even because he's a lazy man. no, he has it out of necessity. for if he were to shave it off, it would be one bad day in the life of the nelson marriage.

you see, it all started on our honeymoon. there we were, tucked away in a cabin.. and i said, "hey, how about you shave your beard? I've never seen you clean shaven." because that's what people do on honeymoons, right?!
so he shaved. and i cried.

i know, i know. it sounds super shallow of me, but at the time all i could think was, "what did i do?" "who is this new guy i just married?"

let's just say it took a few days for me to adjust.
and to this day my man has a scruffy face.. and i like it :)
anyone else with me on this, or am i alone in my insecurity?


  1. I totally feel the same. My guy has long hair, and he always keeps saying he wanted to donate it. Well that was like two years ago! He just wouldn't look the same without it!

  2. raising my hand! i hate it when my hubby shaves off his beard! he's just not the same person!

  3. You are so super talented Lisa!! I love these drawings!!

  4. you are soo talented hun! i adore these little bearded fellas!

  5. Um, yes! My man has an amazing beard, and I would probably cry if he shaved it off. I've pretty much forbidden it. I love it! :)

  6. I like when my hubby has a beard, but I don't mind if he shaves it off. However, if he shaves hit goatee off...He doesn't look like him anymore. He did it once a few years ago just to see what it looked like, and I hated it. He looked so weird. :/