Monday, October 19, 2009

oh me oh my, its monday

photo via fffound.
and a very exciting monday it is!
so last week i posted that i was wanting a letterpress machine to learn about the art of letterpress. i knew that it was a long shot, but i really wanted to see, and use one of those babies!
well dreams really do come true.
a friend introduced me to a wonderful woman named Tracy who has been doing letterpress for a few years now (taught be her grandpa, how cute!)
she was so kind and generous to invite me to her house, and learn the art of letterpress.
i was over there for 3 hours and the time flew by, and i must say that i am in love with the art!

and...she is going to let me come over again and print some of my designs.
so, get ready people.. there are going to be some mylittlebuffalo letterpress cards soon.
get pumped!

thanks tracy :)

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