Tuesday, October 13, 2009

let your love shine in...

there's a dude that i love that lives in this house, he goes by the name of nate, and he's sick :(
he came home from work sounding like some mouse that has been smoking one too many cigarettes, and not my husband.

I gave him some tea and sent him straight to bed, and although i wanted nothing more that to snuggle up and fall asleep right next to him.. i couldn't...too awake.

so i came out here in the living room and designed what i felt. thinking about putting this little sucker on a card soon.
it's funny how when you are married, or you are best friends, or you are a parent.. the mood of your beloved totally affects your mood as well. if they're sad, you're sad. if they're stoked on life, well so are you.

i like it. i mean it makes sense to me.
if he don't shine, i don't shine..
night all xo


  1. Lisa, what a super cute drawing. I love it :) And, your philosophy is SO true!


  2. This is so sweet and SO true! Let me know ASAP when you put this on a card! I want it!