Wednesday, October 21, 2009


hey there bloggers.
i have a surprise for you..
you ready?

i'm doing a giveaway!
that's right, the "little buffalo giveaway"....
which mean's you could win this:
35 personalized floral calling cards!
(with any information you want to list, no minimum)
you could use these cards if you are, let's say, starting up your own business.
Or maybe you are a mom and you want to be able to give your info real quick!
maybe you just want to win them and look at them all day.
not a problem!

whatever your reason for wanting these, here's how you can.
Just simply post a comment on this blog post and tell me:
"what are you going to do with these cards?"

the giveaway will last until Monday, so that's plenty of time to get your comment in.
I will pick the winner from the listed comments.
When Monday rolls around I will pick one winner and display it on my blog that night.
Got it?
Good :)

So in short:
post a comment
drawing starts today and goes until Monday the 26th!
yay! i love giving things away.
good luck!


  1. Oooh...I'd love to win! Maggie sent me over!

  2. I learned about you from Maggie...I love your cards! You have a great style!


  3. I too saw your giveaway on Maggie's blog. I would use your cute cards to drop my info at local CPA offices to let them know they could outsource their bookkeeping to me so I could do it at home! I'm trying to start my own bookkeeping from home business, or rather, trying to do some that I get paid for! (I currently do bookkeeping as a volunteer at our gift shop on post and get paid a small amount to do my Uncle's company's books)

    I guess Gus is rubbing off on me...I sure had a lot to say about your cute little cards!

  4. Saw this on the lovely Gussy's blog! Those cards are absolutely lovely. =) I have a bit of a dilemma, though...The cards are so fabulous, I don't know what to use them for! I would probably choose to use them for my Etsy shop, The Art of Paper. ( Thanks for the chance to win!

    thesweetestpetunia AT gmail DOT com

  5. I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to win!! Count me in! :)

  6. hello i came over by way of Maggie. I love your work. I make my own paper products so I would probably have some made for my wonderful sister.... she would like them I think.


  7. These cards are beautiful!! What talent.

  8. I'd probably use them to hand out for playdates.
    MY playdates. :-)

    So sweet!

  9. oooo i would love to use these for my etsy shop {pretty things by meg}. i love all of your designs lisa - you are so darn talented! i'm excited to see your letterpress creations :)

  10. Oh I love these! I would use them to hand out my contact information and blog address!

  11. Ooooh so cute! :) Hope I win, hehe~

  12. Those are so cute!
    I would have our contact info printed on them to give to our friends and family so they can keep in touch with us as we move and start missionary training this year.
    missylovsjesus at yahoo dot com

  13. these are so pretty! If I won, I'd probably use them to send out for my wedding shower. I'd put the shower info on the back & it'd go great with my name & number on the front :]

  14. Love these! I would use to help spread the word about my new photography venture..

  15. Stopping by from Gussy's. Those are so flippin cute. They would definitely be my Mom/Please Read my Column Cards :)

  16. I'm over here via Maggie's blog and love your work! Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  17. Wow, holy toledo, the cards are gorgeous! Read about you on Maggie's blog. Now am soooooo interested I can't hardly stand it... going to scope you out...

  18. Well Lisa, I would pass them out to the families I see as a way to contact me at my new job! Whenever I meet with a new family, they would see your pretty cards! Hope things are going well darling!
    ~ Danielle

  19. beautiful Lisa!!! OOoooh, pick me! pick me! =P

  20. DUDE! LISA!!!

    Since I am moving to Nashville next fall to do music business (hehe...did you know that? For real, I am!) I would use them to give out my info in the music business world! :)

    LOVE Steph Vander Molen!!!!!

  21. Lisa! I didn't know you blogged, love it!=)

  22. well, i would use them attached to my resume as i apply for teaching jobs in the boston area. or if i stopped by a school, i would leave them for the principal as a true calling card.

    also, monday, october 26th is my birthday! so, you probably have to give them to me.....jk.


  23. Oooo...I would love to have these! I'm using some homemade ones right now, but they just look...ahem, homemade. HELP!

  24. lisa, you know me so i don't think i need to tell you what i'd use these for but just in case, i'm going to give them out to the hotties in da club. obv.

  25. woa. i'm overwhelmed by so many responces. I vote you give them to Nova. She would have to stick true to her word and give them out to the hotties at da club.

  26. #26 that's me! So I would love these :) I would use these and attach them to my orders ... ... these are great! I ♥ Gussy.

  27. ooh love them! I would use them for my etsy business.

  28. these are so pretty! i'm about to be done with school, so these would be perfect to pass out to prospective employers :)

  29. those are so adorable!!! so talented you are!

  30. Very pretty - would love them!

  31. They are charming and whimsical and need to be in my wallet.
    Pretty please!