Tuesday, September 22, 2009

home is where we hang our hearts

my, what a weekend. we went home to michigan this past weekend, and visited nate's grandma and the rest of his family for the memorial service of his grandfather, Manuel. it was beautiful.
i don't know what it is about the place, the town, the house, the farm, it fills my heart and mind with joy. Joy that still radiates tonight as I type back here in Portland.

isn't it good to know that wherever you are today, wherever you will be, there will constants. the constants might differ here and there, but generally there are things that we can count on. there will always be a familiar smell, the paper thin hands of his grandmother, the way the air holds just enough moisture in it to stick.

we think about living there someday, and actually talked about it a lot this weekend. I could see myself there teaching my children all the beauty God has put on this Earth, taking long walks on the abundant trails and hills, eating sticky candy in the front yard or carving pumpkins in the crisp Fall.

who knows what is to come, just thankful for a time spent with loving people in a place that we all know so well.


  1. what a heart-warming post :) love the photos! does nate's grandma live in alpena? it does look like a beautiful place.

  2. that is so special you were able to go to Michigan :)