Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting a little personal...

So I know that this blog is intended (by me) to be mostly design related. But brace yourselves here, I'm going to get a little personal. Mainly because I want to show you something that I've been working on this morning/afternoon.

I've never known my mom. At times it feels like no biggie, and at times it feels like a huge void is there. Something big that's missing and aches. She passed away when I was 3 mos old.

Thankfully though, my mother was a collector. In a way, I feel like she knew she would be gone before i would know her, so she collected everything, to show herself to her children. I now have in my possesion, every last letter, shoelace, birthday card and picture that she has ever received. It links me to her. It shows me her past. I am grateful.

However, all of these "memories" have just been sitting in my trunk, in my office, for a very long time. So today, as the rain poured down, I made this collage of her pictures below. Its the closest thing to spending time with her, that I've ever known.
Just wanted to share, to you.. whoever you are...
i promise that next post will be a bit lighter :)


  1. I am glad you got to spend time with her.
    I'll bet her memories brought a few quiet whispers from her to you.


  2. Lisa friend! NO! don't apologize for getting personal on your own blog. I love your stories about life. That is so awesome you have so many of your moms things. Never apologize for that.

    love you girl! :)

  3. I love that you spent a rainy afternoon with your mom. -Amy J.