Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coming to a Store Near You :)

Well, I finally took the plunge, and I'm selling a few cards at a store downtown now!
The store's name is Flora and it is located at 1130 SW Alder.
Nate and I went in there on Sunday, not really knowing what the heck we were doing.
And I think she could tell...

But she was so very nice, and actually ended up explaining the whole biz of selling your cards to vendors and shops. It could not have been a more pleasant "first time selling in shops" experience.

So now... You must go to Flora. Go to the Cashier stand. Turn to you right. Pick up one of my mini cards. And Buy it :)

In other news. My card that was listed on Cards Ink was chosen to be printed. They are now paying me for my design, it was good week for my little buffalo, indeed.

Grateful for that.


  1. whoa Lisa! so stinkin' rawkin' awesome! love this post!



  2. Wow thats so cool! My grandma makes cards, and I'm trying to get her to sell them. lol