Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i've come a long way.

behold! one of the first ever drawings that i ever did on illustrator. slightly pitiful, somewhat cute, but definitely a beginner's work. Some have been asking how I create my drawings, and a little bit about my history with art, so here goes.

I didn't go to art school, I've never ever taken a class on illustrator, and my degree is in something completely and totally different than illustration and design.

One day, in 2008, my husband brought home a computer that he bought off of ebay (without telling me) and that said computer happened to have illustrator on it, and I happened to enjoy drawing things on illustrator very much, and still do. For some reason my hands like to draw with a mouse. it's weird...i think.

from there I just kept tinkering with things, you tubing things I didn't understand, and trying to learn about color from the greats.

I'm still not a pro by any means. But I like to think I've come a long way from that whale :)


  1. I like that little whale picture! Especially the sun and waves patterns.

  2. I really like the whale too! And I've never played with Illustrator before but now I really want to...

  3. the whale is wayyy better than anything i've ever drawn (or attempted to, i should say) so the stuff you do NOW is amazing. for realz. with a z.

  4. Let me just say, when I had to take a few art classes in college ( interior design major ), my teacher would ( very ) frequently come by my drawing desk and turn my paper over and say, "let's try it again". I think everything I've seen of yours is beautiful!