Monday, February 20, 2012

5 month flyer

on Thursday we are going on an adventure. One that we've done many times before, but this time, we are bringing a 5 month old...
We are headed back home to be a part of a dear friend's wedding. And I'm try to not let the fear and anxiety pummel me into the ground before we even leave the ground!

any tips for travel with young infants?
and tips for dealing with a 3 hour time difference?
Any tips for where to have your baby sleep when one of the places you are going doesn't have a pack and play?

all things that i would most gladly accept input on :)


  1. I just booked my trip for the end of May today. Here's hoping I don't have a mental breakdown... I just found this blog that might be helpful. Check it out:

  2. Please watch the most recent episode of Up All Night - featuring this very dilemma! The blogspot mentioned above is probably more helpful, but Up All Night is surely funnier :)

  3. Nurse or give her a bottle on take off and landing. Have a couple new little toys to try to keep her occupied. Baby einstein on a laptop. They will let you drop off your stroller & carseat at the gate, so you don't have to worry about checking those things.

    I haven't had to do a three hour time difference- just 1 and he adjusted pretty well. I've heard to adjust bedtime by a small amount every day- like a half hour at a time.

    In some cities, there are companies you can rent packnplays from- or maybe borrowing one?

    Have fun! Flexibility goes a lot way in enjoying a trip with babies. Not worrying too much about their normal schedule or routine.

  4. i am no help on this one. BUT! you have a cutie flying with you :)